24-30 months” Parmigiano Reggiano ” DOP

The absence of lactose stands out among its characteristics, along with high digestibility and nutritional values and a wealth of calcium and essential amino acids. Its rich straw-yellow colour is due to the cows’ OGM- and Unifeed-free diet of grass, hay and cereals. It has a very fine, granular, small-eyed structure that breaks into slivers, and characteristic aroma and taste; it is sweet and flavoursome without being too spicy. Seasoning at least 24 months.

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Parmigiano Reggiano or Parmesan is an Italian hard cheese, produced from cow’s milk and aged from at least 12 months to a maximun of 36 months.

It is named after the producing areas, Parma , Reggio Emilia Region that  why is a DOP cheese.



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