24-30 months Parmigiano – Reggiano “Vacche Rosse/Red Cow” PDO

The absence of lactose stands out among its characteristics, along with high digestibility and nutritional values and a wealth of calcium and essential amino acids. Its rich straw-yellow colour is due to the cows’ OGM- and Unifeed-free diet of grass, hay and cereals. It has a very fine, granular, small-eyed structure that breaks into slivers, and characteristic aroma and taste; it is sweet and flavoursome without being too spicy. Seasoning at least 24 months.

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The milk of Red Cows of Reggiana’s breed has some qualitative characteristics that differ from the traditional Parmigiano-Reggiano. The Red Cow produces a third less of milk than the Holstein breed, but it has a higher performance in the chesse-making process. In particular in the Red Cows milk there is a variation of the casein, the essential protein in the process of transforming the milk in cheese, that guarantees a better aptitude for the cheese to a long ageing, with a consequent better digestibility. For that reason the production regulations of Red Cows Parmigiano-Reggiano provide that the product can be sold only after at least 24 months of ageing, compared to the 12 months of the traditional Parmigiano-Reggiano. The result is a cheese that, despite the long ageing, has a sweet, delicate and persistent taste. Moreover, also the organoleptic features are different. Characteristic is the straw yellow colour, the elasticity of the grain, the strong but delicate aroma even after 30 months of ageing..



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